Special Order Only *Purple Dream Crystal Healing Mask

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Special Order Only *Purple Dream Crystal Healing Mask

100% Natural/Vegan/Organic/Ethical
Exfoliating Face & Body Mask
Holistic & Therapeutic
Crystal Healing * Calming
Cell Regeneration *Healing Clay Detoxifying

Rose Quartz Crystals are a calming heart chakra healer, bringing calm, unconditional love and fulfillment.
Amethyst Crystaks balance the crown and brow chakras and can relieve headaches, ease sleep, bring wisdom and insight and can offer protection and ease in overcoming fear.

Ingredients: Water, Green Clay, Powdered Rose Quartz Crystals, Powdered Amethyst Crystals and Healing Energy.

Directions: Apply a generous layer to clean skin,
avoiding the eye and lip area, leave on for 15-20 minutes,
relax...rinse off, moisturize as needed and enjoy often. For all skin types.
energy clearing is stronger on the whom or when used in large quantities.
handmade with love


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